Law of Attraction – The Compression of Time – Part III

Previous posts on the compression of time suggested two ideas:

First, the concentration of mass or energy can warp multi-dimensional space-time and bring two distant points or two or more conscious fields together such that the time to traverse space, or realize manifestation is reduced.

Second, that intention and the manifestation of that intention exist simultaneously like the archer and his target. The path between the intention and manifestation is time, and time is just an ingredient in the whole process of manifestation with its magnitude being dependent on the energy behind the intention.

This final post in this series investigates Energy. It attempts to answer the question, “What Energy needs to be supplied and concentrated to reduce the time between intention and manifestation?”

Looking at ourselves as multidimensional beings, there are various types of energy that we can draw from.

First, there is physical energy. This is energy based on material sources. To sustain our physical being, we depend on food, water and air. These chemical sources are transformed within the body into heat and mechanical energy. But concentration of such energy does not produce much of an effect on manifestation except to cause us to gain physical weight.

Second, there is thought. Thought can be thought of as both with and without form. We cannot touch thought, but we can form thought images and in that manner, thought has form. Thought is where mass and energy merge.

But is thought, itself, Energy? It can’t be seen, heard or touched by physical senses. But thought does exist and, therefore, must exist in a different form. The Law of Conservation of Mass and Energy, as well as Einstein’s equation E = mc^2, suggests that if thought is real, but not mass, then it has to be energy.

Our minds are a conglomeration of thought with as many as 60,000 thoughts in a single day. That means we have 60,000 opportunities for magnetic thought radiation. However, we never hold on to a thought for a sustained period of time, and thus, unlike a black hole, gain no power from it.

Then, there is emotion. This is where I have stumbled in the past, thinking of emotion as Energy. As I give this more thought, I find a problem with this. The problem is, you can’t increase or decrease emotion indefinitely. Not can you store it. There is a limit to how much emotion a person can experience. As a result, it must not be energy itself. Instead, it must be an indicator of Energy.

Emotion must be like a gas gauge with indicator in both positive and negative sides. There is a common “Empty” indicator but must also have “Full” indicators for both positive and negative poles. Emotion indicates if a person is aligned with Energy in either pole. It is like the timing in a car. If dialed in correctly, the car’s efficiency is high. If not aligned, efficiency is low.

We know from experience that emotion and thought are related. Positive thought produces positive emotions and negative thoughts produce negative emotions. Thought seems to be the catalyst for emotion. It is rare that emotion precedes thought.

Even then, thought energy is limited to our being and has very little power to move Creation in a grand way. There must be another source of Energy. In fact, there must be only one source of Energy and all other forms, especially the lower ones like our mental and physical energies are merely reflections of that Energy.

It is this Grand Energy that must move Creation and Manifestation.

Energy’s response to our lower level energy must be according to its intensity and clarity. The closest analogy I can find is that of the radio.

The radio’s manifestation of sound does not come directly from the signal received through its antenna. The signals received by the radio are extremely weak and when received, cannot be heard. They are, by themselves, quite powerless.

For us to actually hear these signals, the radio creates a larger copy of these tiny signals using a power source, electronics and speakers to a form that can be heard by the human ear.

Like the radio, Creation must use the clarity and intensity of our thoughts to manifest automatically using its own Energy. The clearer and more focused the pictures and feelings we provide, the easier the Manifestation becomes. The manifestation is not a matter of direct order but, like the radio, it simply follows the Law of Attraction.

The secret of compressing time, therefore, lies in our ability to concentrate our own thoughts in the direction of positive emotion. Unfortunately, concentration of thoughts in the direction of negative emotion also compresses time, but with negative results. It behooves us, as we achieve concentration, to focus on the positive instead of the negative.

Considering that we think 60,000 thoughts a day, the concentration on a single thought can increase our creative power by 6,000,000 percent! Thus, we gain the energy from this synergism of thought, just as the alignment of dipoles within a magnet creates its attractive magnetic field.

Our own magnetic power depends on the alignment and stability of our thoughts and our ability to focus only on what we want to manifest.

The process of manifestation, itself, is driven my Law. Putting our thoughts into driving manifestation is a waste of Energy.

This series of posts has brought about the following conclusion:

The Intention and its Manifestation occur simultaneously just as an archer and his target exist at the same time. The path between Intention and Manifestation is time. The time between Intention and Manifestation depends on the Energy behind the Intention and Energy is driven by the focus and intensity of the Intender.

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